Warsaw Aquarium Days is the biggest aquaristic event in Warsaw and part of WULS Days. The event will take place at Faculty of Animal Sciences at Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Warsaw. 

This year, during 4th edition of the event, on May 20-21st following initiatives are provided:

    • 4th Warsaw Aquarium Conference
      Scientific conference dedicated only to aquarium topics, where students, employers from different universities and experts can present results of their researches. This year the main topic of the conference will be Natural environment of aquatic animals.
    • International Aquarium Expo

      The biggest aquarium expo in Warsaw presents diversity among water animals (exotic, native and invasive species) and their environments from different parts of the world.

    • Contests

      Every year participants and exhibitors of WAS can take part in different contests.

The aim of Warsaw Aquarium Days
The main goal of WAD is to present biology and ways of species protection but also diversity in animal organisms and their living environments. This event allows people to make new contacts, that may help them to achieve specific goals in private and scientific life.

The event is adressed to students, pupils, scientists, aquarists and everyone who is interested in aquarium topic, environment engineering, conservation of nature and polish native waters.

Place and date
May 20-21st, Faculty of Animal Sciences (Building 23rd) in Ciszewskiego 8th street at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Warsaw

Department of Ichthyobiology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Biotechnology
and Rafał Maciaszek ?  Kumak Shrimp Farm

Event is open and free for everyone.